Scuderia Autoropa founded in 2007, by demand from our customers, we started a racing team!

Ferrari, racing and Autoropa are our passions and the racingteam is now our biggest marketing channel for our company, our products and our partners in the racing world.

During years 2007-2009, we attended the Ferrari Challenge Scandinavia and won the series two times.

For the season in 2010, we switched over to the Swedish GT Series for GT cars of mixed brands including Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Lamborghini and others. This was due to several reasons, but the biggest one was to reach new customers so we had to compete against other brands and win! With this we have succeeded, and we have beaten all others and won the series two years in a row. The profits from the racing track may not be the most important but the car owners want to drive winning cars and as a result of these events we can see a significant influx of new customers to us, which is of course the goal for our efforts.

The novelty for the 2012 season is that we, together with Swedish GT, are part of the new racing investment happening in Sweden, the Elite series of racing, where we are take part in the new TTA racing, which is the replacement to the STCC and attracts large public from all over Sweden. For the 2013 season, the series will expand and become the Scandinavian racing event with qualifying races in Norway and Denmark, which of course is favorable for Autoropa, our brands and our partners and thus ultimately our customers.


The team consists this year of

Start No. 1, Martin Nelson and Mattias Andersson.
Mattias ran STCC for 11 years and is one of Europe’s most qualified drivers with experience from several international racings.

Start No. 2, Daniel Haglöf and Poker Wallenberg.
Daniel is a young upcoming talented driver and Poker is a talented driver very appreciated by our customers.

In addition, we have another 2-3 Ferrari 458 Challenge, with professional drivers like Stefan Lillövis Johansson, Alex Danielsson, but also with happy customers who simply enjoy driving beyond the pro scene.

More information about the series on the links below:

The above should give a little insight into how we work, what we want for our company and our customers and thus I hope it also inspires you to cooperate with us in the future.

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